Friday, November 1, 2013

Warning hockey fans - FUCK DIRECTV

I don't know where else to vent, so I'll post on here so that I can guarantee no one will read it.

A couple months ago, I got fed up with Time Warner Cable and decided to make the switch to Directv (free NFL Sunday Ticket was good incentive).  Everything has gone well, until now.

We ordered the top tier package, known as the Premier Package.  We get ALL channels, including all the regional sports channels.  This excites me because that means we have Comcast Sports and almost all of the Chicago Blackhawks games.  The other day, I'm chillin watching the Blackhawks pregame show.  Then, precisely at 6:30 pm, the pregame show ends and the channel goes out.  On the screen they're telling me I'm not a subscriber to that channel.  I begin to scroll through other channels and find the broadcast of the game from the opponents' home channel.  I'm once again told I'm not a subscriber to that channel. 

I begin to understand what's going on here. 

I then check every channel that has an NHL hockey game on it, and none of them work but all the regional sports channels with random crap on work just fine.  I call Directv.  They say its a technical issue and they will have a technician call me and set up an appointment.  Well, this is not a technical issue, which is verified by the fact that as soon as the game is over, all those channels start working again.  Also, a technician never calls.

So, this same bullshit happened last night.  So I called again and told the first person that I need to speak to someone above her in the decision making process.  I finally get some other chick (for some reason I'd prefer to talk to a guy) and I tell her I just want someone to admit that they take these channels off the air during hockey games on purpose, and that purpose is to get people like me to subscribe to NHL Center Ice (the NHL version of the Sunday Ticket).  She eventually admits I'm correct.

I'm upset and not sure what to do.

I'm wondering if this will happen for every NBA and MLB game as well.  If it does, what's the point in having ANY of those regional sports channels?

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